Sleepless in Seattle | Let’s Go

Hey guys. So we all know the phrase “all good things must come to an end”? It was true in the case of the Ruby Princess Cruise. It was a great getaway from the hustle and bustle and be with nature. Alaska was a cool experience no doubt.

When I was released back to dry land, I realized the fun was not quite over but only the beginning. This part of the journey took me to beautiful Seattle, where I will be exploring all it has to offer. 

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Cruising on the Ruby Princess | Alaska Bound

Finding time to blog has been a challenge. Maybe cause I’m new to it. I am not a writer by nature. Whatever it is, I’ll get better, promise. I am here now so I better get going. This blog post will be about my travels to Alaska via the Ruby Princess. If you have never cruised before, it’s a unique experience. It’s not for everyone, but what I can tell you is that it’s definitely for me. With that said, Let’s Go!

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Vacation | Macau | Stop 3 of 3

I realize I am slow when it comes to keeping my blog updated. Sorry! It’s been such a busy summer thus far and haven’t had the time to write. I’m at a point where I am backlogged and have stuff queued up. No excuses, I need to finish my final leg of my China Trip. OK then, lets go!

My final stop was a continuation of new experiences. The itinerary took me to an unique place, which was Macau. If you’re like most people, you probably never even heard of this place. It’s known as the “Vegas of China”, a gaming/casino resort city in Southern China. It was a Portuguese colony for over 300 years until it was transferred back to China in 1999. It’s currently the most dense/heavily populated region in the world (and you thought HK or NYC was tightly packed, guess again).

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Happy Father’s Day 2017 | Perfect Gift | SENSO Wireless Headphones

Father’s Day is a week away and did you buy your gift yet? I know Father’s Day is NOT Mother’s Day, but you still need to put in a decent effort to buy Dad a nice gift. This year a home-made card (which is nice) and a tie is just not going to cut it. So what should you buy?

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Villain Portable Power Bank | Must Have…!

It’s 2017 and everyone knows a smart phone is not only used for making phone calls. It also dubs as a camera, camcorder, music player, tv and the list goes on and on. So how do you keep your phone charged when you really need it the most?

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Vacation | China | Stop 2 of 3

Alright, so if you read my previous blog, I gave you a quick run down of my travels to Hong Kong. It was a great way to start a trip. The NEXT stop took me to Taishan, China and I was kinda nervous to be honest. My perception of China was 3rd world and that’s a big change to a person who grew up in a large metro city. Anyways, let’s find out what happens.

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Vacation | Hong Kong | Stop 1 of 3

Hi everyone. I’m back! It’s been a long time since my last post. I have been MIA for almost 3 weeks, enjoying an extended vacation. It you follow me on Instagram you probably got a glimpse of my travels. I once heard Suze Orman, the financial guru, say that a “vacation within reason is always justified.” Guess what, I completely agree! Everyone needs some time away and recharge. We are not machines so go find a place and PowPowPoof from the daily grind.

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Shure Earphones SE846, Best in Class

Happy Friday, we made it! I don’t know about you but I just did the happy dance and ready to start the weekend. Usually, I would carve out some personal time for pure relaxation. This means everyone leave me alone, turn off my phone, unplug (in my case just the opposite, you’ll see) and chillax. For the past few years, I have been very interested in audio and the world around it. I would like to think of myself as an audio enthusiast.  I have PowPowPoof’ed numerous earphones and headphones as of late, all ranging from mid to highend. But when it’s time to pull out my preferred pair for that FULL audio experience, I always know what I want.

Shure SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones

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Best Smart Watch to Buy 2017

Hey everybody. Happy Friday…! It’s been a good week all around, hopefully everyone is feeling the same. Today, I wanted to talk about Smart Watches. I have really been on the fence about buying one. It’s one of those things you will Love it or Hate it (or shall I say Love it or PowPowPoof it). If you read my other blogs, you will figure out I don’t enjoy collecting junk. A Smart Watch seems to fit that category (outdated by the time I buy it feeling). However, I also don’t like wasting time, since time is money. If there is something that can make me more productive and adds value, I am all for it! 

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