Best Smart Watch to Buy 2017

Hey everybody. Happy Friday…! It’s been a good week all around, hopefully everyone is feeling the same. Today, I wanted to talk about Smart Watches. I have really been on the fence about buying one. It’s one of those things you will Love it or Hate it (or shall I say Love it or PowPowPoof it). If you read my other blogs, you will figure out I don’t enjoy collecting junk. A Smart Watch seems to fit that category (outdated by the time I buy it feeling). However, I also don’t like wasting time, since time is money. If there is something that can make me more productive and adds value, I am all for it! 

Recently I convinced myself that buying one is a good move. I see value in owning one, and here’s why.  Let’s start with a PowPow list.

Reasons to buy:

  • Convenience
  • Added Productivity 
  • Affordability (use to cost much more before)
  • Time Telling (Sorry, a smart phone is NOT a watch…! I do like a wrist watch)

I took my PowPow list and starting to comb through all the different watches out there. From Motorola, ASUS, Samsung, etc (sorry Apple, Android only). After doing all that, I formed a MUST have list:

  • Great Battery Life
  • Performance
  • Nice Display
  • Fitness Features (Accelerometer + Heart rate)
  • External Speaker
  • Band Type
  • Android Capable
  • Weight
  • Cost

There was some good competition but after all that, only one was standing. Say hello to…

 Huawei Watch 

 Huawei Watch  (Free Tag Heuer Watch Face), Black Leather Band

This little piece of technology is way cool. Setup time was 15 mins which included pairing my phone via bluetooth, setting up wireless access and adjusting personal settings.

Lets go through my PowPow List with my added comments:

  • Great Battery Life (So this thing on average last about two full days for me. Bluetooth and wireless on 247 and it’s performing well. This is important as I don’t want to be charging daily. Once every two days seems acceptable and better than other makers)
  • Performance (This Smart Watch has 512MB of RAM and a 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. Using it for over a month, I had no issues at all. Unlike the Samsung Gear 3 and the Asus Zen, everything moves well with no lag)
  • Nice Display (This was probably one of the biggest reasons why I bought this device. The screen looks awesome. It’s 1.4 inches with a gorgeous looking AMOLED display. Works fine in the sun and bright in the dark. With that said, you are covered either way. With all the watch faces that you get both free and paid, it was important to get something that can accurately deliver all the details of a watch face. Look at the picture, does that not look sweet! Owning a “Swiss Made” watch has never been easier :-). Since there are so many watch faces to select from, things are never dull and keeps things fresh)
  • Fitness Features (Accelerometer + Heart rate are both features that I wanted and happy it was included. Nowadays, everyone is trying to stay healthy and to stay motivated, counting steps is the way to go. Fitbit are great for this, but does not fit my daily attire. If I am active on the weekends, different story. But the Huawei has that casual look that fits any occasion, which I love. So daily wear to work and doubling as a fitness tool is working well)
  • External Speaker (This came as a surprise as the external speaker was enabled and working. It was suppose to be a future feature but an updated firmware enabled this ability. Now I can ride my bike and listen to my music coming from my new Smart Watch)
  • Band Type (Yes, good quality leather. This was a must and it delivered. You can buy other replacement bands so added bonus when you want to change things up)
  • Android Capable (Yup, I tried this phone on multiple Android device and I had no issues, flawless actually. It’s pretty amazing how I use to own everything Samsung, but now my Smart Phone and Smart Watch are both Huawei. Nothing against Samsung but sometimes change is good)
  • Weight (Very light, I don’t even feel it on my wrist)

Now let me tell you how I use this watch on a daily basis:

  • Track my steps (I enjoy watching my steps accumulate)
  • Alarm (I am a deep sleeper, having this on my wrist as an alarm helps, buzz buzz, wake up)
  • Read and Send Text Messages (also works for Whatsapp, bonus!)
  • Just being more productive and not looking at my phone as much. Emails and Text messages can be reviewed with a flick of a wrist + a swipe here and there
  • Keeping things fresh (I love watches and owning this device has and will save me some real dollars. I don’t have to buy a new watch just to achieve a specific look. All I have to do now is change the watch face for free in most case. This feature alone is worth every penny)
  • Google Maps (Nice to get directions from your watch vs phone when you are walking)

There you have it, my review of the Huawei Smart Watch. For me, it’s changing my life on a daily basis. This is having a positive impact on me. I can’t resist purchasing things that add so much value at such a modest price point (check out latest price here). So, if you were like me and on the fence about purchasing one, go ahead and PowPowPoof the old way of thinking and get more out of your daily life!

If you are looking for more information and latest prices, check it out  here  .

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Until Next Time,

Team PowPowPoof

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